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HUGE font when pasting from other apps on Android

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I have a strange problem. On my android phone (Sony Xperia Z2), whenever I paste text from other apps into Evernote and save the note, several times it happens that the font suddenly is becoming huge. There is only room for 4 characters on each line, and naturally this makes a longer text impossible to read.

Have anyone seen this problem before? If so, is there a fix?

I have the newest version for android.

Thanks in advance.


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Thanks, I'll try a reinstall and see if that fixes things. It tends to do that. :)


But I must say it's weird that there is no way to change the font size in the app, would guess that's not a huge addition to the code.


I'll keep you posted if this works.




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Hmmn.  Try checking on the web or desktop versions of Evernote.  Do your notes still look inflated?  If not,  try Settings > General and clear your Android cache (sync first).  If the text is still big,  it may be the code on the page/ content you copied - can you 'simplify / remove formatting' on the desktop and re-sync?

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Thank you for your suggestion, @gazumped. 

It usually happens when I try copying text from either a Word document or a PDF on my phone.

When I open the note in the desktop version of Evernote, the text is in size 96, so yes, still inflated :)


A solution would be to just use my desktop application of Evernote, but when I'm at school or travelling, I use my mobile phone.




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