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Evernote ETL-like utility?

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I have a load of documents stored in a popular cloud utility.... the fact it's cloud isn't really relevant I suppose.  


I have folders, with PDF and Word docs and other "stuff"


I'd like to get what I can in to Evernote and make it all searchable and usable as a reference library of "stuff"


Are there any utilities out there that do this (happy to pay for one) or is it a slow, painful process of doing it manually?


Thanks in advance for any advice


David (Evernote Premium user)



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Hi.  You don't need a utility as such - there are Mac scripts and Evernote Windows has an Import Folder where you can simply import batches of files into Evernote notebooks as you require.  If you have a lot of information I'd suggest moving it all into one or more Local Notebooks (which aren't synced with Evernote's servers) so that you don't use all your upload limit in one month - you may have to spread your uploads over a few months if there's a lot.  Another consideration you may have to beware of is that all these files will become part of your Evernote database,  and will be stored on your local hard drive,  using up whatever space is required.  (It's not recommended to use a cloud-based database location!)


Hope that helps - let us know what version of Evernote you're using if you need anything more on this..

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Don't  know of a service.  


Are the folders/files on the cloud service mirrored on your computer?  If so it is pretty simple to do as gazumped states above and set those folders as import folders, temporarily I suppose, and import the notes into a local or synced notebook.  If not, is there an easy way to get the files/folders to your computer from the cloud and then import them?  


The other thing is searchable text.  Are the PDFs already OCRd?  If not then they should be in synced notebook to fix that.

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