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"Scanned Business Card" created, but no OCR upon sync



Very happy user of EN Mac & ScanSnap EE. I recently scanned a couple dozen business cards, which dutifully synched. 29 new notes were created and auto-filed into the Business Cards notebook. However, out of about 30 cards, only 10 were OCR'd. 


There doesn't seem to be any pattern to what was recognized and what wasn't -- no funny fonts or formatting. In fact, of several cards of the same format from the same company, some were recognized and others weren't. 


So a couple of questions:

  • Has anyone else had this experience? Tips? User error? Bad day?
  • For those cards that were not OCR'd, is there a way to re-try the process on these notes? I no longer have the original cards so a complete round-trip is not an option.



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Thanks for the note, Candid. Sorry my initial post lacked certain details. 


As for a time lag before OCR takes place, I've been waiting about a month  :)

I'm a premium user, and haven't experienced any sync problems.


Regarding certain things not being OCR'd: I've tried to find clues in several of the OCR, PDF, and searching notes. Can't find anything that applies to the symptoms I'm seeing -- this is a closed-loop ScanSnap EE to Evernote Premium workflow: physical business card to auto-filed Evernote Scanned Business Card. It works most of the time, and I'm not able to reproduce it at will.  :(


Support ticket, I guess.

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