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Repeating reminders in Evernote in all clients...

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I've been using Followup.cc for a while to set up reminders by email - it's the service where you join your email address,  then send emails to "2weeks@followup.cc" to get a reminder in the appropriate time.  There are variations for days,  dates,  times etc..  and now there's a Beta service for their Evernote integration,  which also allows you to set up repeating reminders.  That's not supported in Evernote (big surprise) but it is possible using Followup's own (paid) services.  Repeats can be edited on their website.  Oh - and you can create a note and add tags and tasks with #<tag> +<task> as part of the process.


More information here - https://followupcc.groovehq.com/knowledge_base/categories/evernote-integration-beta-feature and here https://followup.cc/addons

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