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Evernote appearing in Outlook



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When using mac mail Evernote app appears on email home screen so you can immediately save emails as notes and access directly from email. Why can't it work in Outlook?


You are obviously using EN Mac, so let's talk about Mac solutions.


It would be very nice if EN Mac would use the user's default mail client (like Outlook), when sending email from Evernote.

This has been requested numerous times, but no response from Evernote yet.


There is a 3rd party AppleScript solution for sending all types of Outlook 2011 Mac items to Evernote.

See Outlook 2011 to Evernote by Veritrope.com

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On the AppleScript, there is no link to download it. Is there another way to doenload it?


I don't know what happened to the download link ("Open in AppleScript Editor"), but you can just select all of the code in the "// THE CODE" block and paste into your AppleScript Editor.


See Outlook 2011 to Evernote by Veritrope.com

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