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Setting up a simple database for Contact Management



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While you can use Evernote for Contact Management, I don't think it is the best tool for this.

  • Evernote lacks specific Contact fields that you can specifically search on
  • EN isn't well suited to sending email, etc to your EN "contacts"
  • EN doesn't really have the facilities of dedicated Contact Managers, like Outlook
  • There is no provision to import/export "contacts" (like via CSV), so it will be a lot of manual typing to get the Contacts into or out of EN.

But if you want to see examples and suggestions of how to use EN as a Contact Manager, just Google "Evernote contact management", and you will see lots of results.


If you decide to use Evernote, you may want to test using it before you put many contacts into EN.

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I just found this post I made some time ago:



For just a Contact Manager, I think Outlook is superior to Evernote.

You can attach files and add notes to the Contact record.

You can then create Outlook tasks and email easily from the Contact record.


Outlook also allows you to easily filter and sort Contacts on a variety of fields.


You can also put Evernote Note Links in the Outlook Contacts Notes field, and on Calendar events.

This allows you to easily capture a lot of info in Evernote, then link to Outlook.

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40WINKS - I couldn't agree more with JMichael when he told you, "I don't think Evernote is the best tool for Contact Management."


There are several to many apps that were specifically designed to do Contact Management to choose from and some run on multiple platforms.


Can you do some of the functions of Contact Management with Evernote? Sure, but Evernote was designed for more free-form information capture, organize, search, and share functions.


By the way, you need more sleep!

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