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Missing Note


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Customer support responded to my missing data query by saying they couldn't help, so I'm posting my query here:


I was working on a blog entry for several days while overseas, and was periodically without internet; however, when I returned and went to look for my note--I assumed it was saved locally until it could be uploaded to the cloud--it was missing. Using a text search program, I found that there is a trace of the note in the .exb file, but I don't know how to get it out of that file. If I open the file with a word processor, I just see a bunch of garbled code surrounding the key word I searched for to find the missing note.


How can I retrieve this note, or is it gone? I put many hours into writing and revising the entry and thought Evernote would save it for me, but apparently it didn't.


Thanks for any help.


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Hmmm ... the note should have been saved.  To be clear, a search in Evernote on "bicerin" returns nothing, but if you do a file search your EXB file is returned as a hit, correct?  I use the Windows client as well and have never known it to lose a note.  Is there any chance you have a second account (or accidentally created the note in a second account and therefore are searching the wrong account)? 


You mention that you were periodically without internet.  Is there any change that it may have sync'd?  If you log into your account on the web do you find anything there?

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