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Bug in formatting of clipped results


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I filed this bug with Evernote support, and after three weeks, it was closed automatically, without anyone even glancing at it.  Maybe someone will look at it here on the forum.



Terrible formatting (one single column of characters) for clipped text.


Steps to reproduce:
1) Install the Evernote Webclipper extension in Chrome. 
2) Search in Google for a word definition, e.g. "define civet"
3) At the top of the Google results, there is a nice block containing the definition.
4) Click the Webclipper button.
5) Select "Article".
6) In the selected area, all of the Google results are included.
7) I want only the definition at the top, not all the other search results, so I use the 'minus' (+/-) button at the top of the selection to shrink the selection.
8) Click 'Save' in Webclipper.
9) Go to my notebook in evernote.com.
10) The definition that I just clipped has terrible formatting. All the letters appear in a single long column.


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