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web clipped article to small to read


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Hi, does anyone have this problem?    I'm on W7-64, current version of chrome PC. When I clip segment of an article and save to Evernote,

the material is so small I can not read it.

I did the following: 

Copy and paste the content into Evernote

You can copy and paste most of the contents of a website right into Evernote.

  1. Open a webpage inside your browser
  2. Press and hold somewhere on the content to show the text selection options
  3. Drag the selection up or down to select the portion of the page you want to copy
  4. Let go and select Copy
  5. Switch over to Evernote and start a new note
  6. Tap and hold in the text editor area, then select Paste
  7. All the content from your selection will appear inside the new not                  and this is what I got:



Why did it not maintain the same size font as in the article?

Thank you for your help  :)


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Thank you for your reply Mr. jbignert. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the web clipper to make sure I have the

latest version. Also, I tried capture thru screenshot and article copy, the font size was smaller still, which is

why I tried the copy/paste as the last resort. So is this a bug of the web clipper?

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Hi, thank you for sticking with me on this, I really appreciate your time.

My link is from the 'conversation or comments' section/ my response to

the article and I wanted to copy what I wrote. It pasted too small for me

to read in Evernote from the web clipper.   I want to copy my comments

to any article so that I can track what I say and stay consistent. 

Thank goodness we have kept this thread copy or I would not

remember what we talked about. Again thank you for your time on this.

It is important to me to respond to articles that seem unfair or short sighted.

Which keeps me learning something everyday.     :)

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