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Evernote Windows client freezes when viewing embedded PDFs in notes

Alan Rew

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Intermittent but intrusive problem.


I'm using Evernote Premium via the Windows client on Windows 7 Professional.

Evernote client says it's this version (272632) Public


I've got several notes with embedded PDFs which are images of scanned documents.

I've configured the client with 'always show PDF documents as attachments' turned OFF so they are always visible in my notes.


Browsing to a note containing an embedded PDF, and clicking on the PDF image in the notes causes the client to freeze, with the Windows 'doughnut of death' blue timer icon rotating.

There is a black pop-up window where the PDF next/previous page navigation tools should be.


I have to kill Evernote via Windows Task Manager.


Thanks in anticipation for any help on this.

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Shouldn't be happening (obviously) - have you been updating this copy of Evernlote for a while?  I'd suggest uninstalling it and reinstalling it (with a system restart in between) to get rid of any software bloat you might be carrying.  (Backup your database first!)


If that doesn't work - and you don't have any unsynced notes or local notebooks - you might want to exit Evernote and try renaming your database (keep the backup!) to let the server rebuild a new and reindexed copy.

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Thanks for the tip.


What I've done is close Evernote, rename the top-level 'Databases' folder, and restarted Evernote.


After syncing from the cloud back to my PC, Evernote starts & stops more quickly and no longer freezes while browsing PDFs embedded in Notes.


I'll leave it a day or two before reporting this issue as closed.


I'll also update the issue I raised about Evernote being slow to start & stop.

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