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REQUEST: new feature: add review date for send to trash

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Hi evernote team,


Everyday you make my day using Evernote. Hopefully I can make a suggestion for an additional feature.


Managing the bulb of notes after using a couple of years Evernote not so easy when you don't have a rythm to clean obsolete notes. I would like to see a feature that I can add an feature for the period I would like to store (initially)  the note. After that period I will receive a simple list in my to do list where I can review and decide to keep the note or delete. It's a sort of reminder and makes my life more easy instead of scrolling through the clutter of notes and deleting irrelevant notes.

Although I know that you are having big data centers. If I clean up my notes once in a while (following a reminder function as described) I will als help our environment with less data space = less energy consumption = better for the future.

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