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Notes for Contacts

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I have been looking for quite a while for an app that can easily help me make notes on conversations I have had with many individuals throughout the week, which in return will help with better networking. Here is an example of what I mean:


I meet Bob.

Bob tells me where he is from, where he works, about his family, etc. He gives me his contact information

At the end of conversation I write his contact in my phone. After he is gone I turn on android phone and write notes about conversation. 

A week goes by and I am expected to meet this person again. I can't remember the information he told me. I search his name in Evernote and the notes about the conversation we had is easily found. 


Now Google contacts does have a place for notes, but there is a bunch of steps to find the note section. I also can't make reminders with that information. If this can be accomplished where I can keep all my notes on my contacts as part of Evernote system it would make interactions others and networking much easier!

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While Evernote is excellent at creating, collecting, storing, and retrieving Notes about anything, it is NOT very good about contact management.  It lacks all the basics that one needs for an effective contact manager.  The most significant of which are sending email and making phone calls.  You need the contact info to be in your phone's Contacts.


Have you ever used Outlook?  Some people immediately disparage it just because it is from Microsoft, but I find it to be a really good contact manager.  There are many others available.  My suggestion is to find a dedicated contact manger that will allow you to make links between it and Evernote.  


For details on how I use Evernote to record contact events, see https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/71737-record-of-contacts/?p=314198


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Depends on how much linkage you want directly to your contacts file.  If you want a lot, probably not.  If you are more interested in tracking conversation, putting reminders in place, etc., you can create your own system.  But there are other apps designed for just that, Outlook and more.


Since I like to have as much as possible in just one place, I have created templates I use in EN to record conversations, phone calls, meetings, etc.  I even create a tag for contacts I interact with frequently, and to your point, search works as well.  I do use the EN reminder function to follow up as need be.  I do make concessions to be in one place with this data, phone numbers are in my contacts DB.  But, this works for me, may not for you.  I would recommend you try a few methods to see what works best for you.

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