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Continuous Tagging

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Hi there,


I'm looking for a way to use the same tag (or tags) for several notes that I will be creating in a batch without having to reenter the same tag.


These notes will be in a notebook with different tags, but I will be entering a whole bunch of notes with the same tag before I move on to another set of notes with some different tags, so if I didn't have to reenter the same tags that would save a lot of time.



I'm looking for a way to do this on my windows desktop application primarily, but if I could know how to do this with the android and web version as well that would be really useful.

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Hi - setup template note with tag(s): copy note+tag(s) as many times as required.  OR separate,each,tag,name,,with,commas then paste whole string into tag box - Evernote will (or did anyway,  last time I tried this) create several separate tags.

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