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Any 3rd party desktop software that extends EN desktop capabilities?

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I am wondering if there are 3rd party extensions for windows 7 and OSX that provide EN desktop with more advanced/automated information management. Specifically, I'm interested in better options for managing tags and notebooks. For example: automatically tag a note with a certain title, or define your own column in list view, or allowing for nested notebooks. 


From what I understand, tasks such as advanced tag management could probably be done in OSX with apple script (not sure what the best approach would be on Windows though), but defining your own columns in list view is an added functionality and would require a new software that uses EN API, and same goes for displaying notebooks in a different way.


Are there any existing software solutions that extend EN Desktop in such advanced ways? Does the EN API even allow for the building of an alternate EN Desktop application?


Thanks for your help

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Hi - short answer: No.  Have a look in the App Center (see below) for possible add-ins,  and have a general search for "Evernote integration" for more suggestions,  but beware - untried software can mangle your data.

Hi gazumped - is it then true to say that the API and licencing of EN does allow for the extension of EN desktop functionality, but the developers don't go this route likely due to the potential for data corruption issues to pop up? 

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Again no - and yes,  you can develop your own add-in for Evernote which others have done fairly successfully;  there's no danger to your data if the job is done properly.  My comment was just precautionery - if you're getting software off a general search,  make sure it's reputable before you give it your tax returns to hold...

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