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REQUEST: Feature request: User-selectable number of "related notes" displayed in client



As far as I can tell, at the moment the number of related notes displayed in the Windows client (ver. 5.6.4) is fixed at 3. I use Evernote for academic research, and as my database has grown, the related notes functionality has become more and more useful. But I wish there was an option to display not 3, but some larger number (6, 9, 12, ...) of related notes.

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Great idea!  I think that, as my Evernote Note collection grows, this will become more, and more valuable.

Along with an option for the number of Notes to display, and option for the format to be used would also be valuable.

For example, Snippet and Top List view formats.


Of course, this request should apply to both EN Win and EN Mac.

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This is a great request. My quick thoughts:


1. Keep your eyes peeled. Something "related" is in the works ;)

2. Relatedness, as we calculate it, isn't a binary thing. It's not related or unrelated. There's a huge spectrum there and we've done quite a bit of work to show you up to 5 related notes. We don't want to "force" a certain number because that could ruin the validity of the results. 


As our algorithms improve, configuring the number of related notes will be on our minds. Thanks again.

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