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(Archived) MathML support

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I switched to Evernote from OneNote about a year ago to take notes in classes and save anything else that comes through one ear and out the other. Aside from OneNote's better emphasis on outline-style bullet points and audio recording inline with the note, Evernote and its multiple clients have been completely worth the switch (no OneNote for Mac/Linux/iPhone).

One thing I'd really love to see is native MathML support, and I'm wondering who's with me. Through chemistry, a couple psych classes, and most importantly statistics, I've been kludging it in various manners, taking screen-clips of a formula, or ASCII-ing it in [sS/N = (sigma*X-squared-(sigma*X)-squared/N)/N], which gets really confusing among exponents, fractions, and Greek letters.

PLEASE, put it on the roadmap to support MathML at some point (before I finish grad school please 8) ) and millions of math, science, engineering, and statistics students will flock in here. Even a basic implementation would be extremely helpful. Thanks for listening.

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