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Feature Request: Unique Filenames



Please add a either the seconds to the default file names or add an appendage to the end of the name if their are multiple screenshots with the same name. As I try to document things into our wiki system, I drag them straight from SKITCH to the browser but if I do two screen shots in a short time, both images will have the same name and the newer screen shot overwrites the older ones. 

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@Idekay Thats what I do right now, but its a real bummer when I forget to rename it before I drop it into the browser because you see everything correctly until you hit save, then only in the saved copy does it show it overwritten. What maybe most useful would be a drop down setting to select the default filename format. 

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I note this thread in the path above mentions "Skitch Mac". My question is pertinent to the naming of files, but moreso applies to the mobile App on my iPad. I can alter a file how I please, but when I save it to Evernote, it doesn't appear to give me a file name attribute ability. I can send it to a particular directory within Evernote, but can't seem to change the name. Any help would be much appreciated.



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