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How do I get to the bottom, without having to swipe 'constantly'

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HiYa people,


Am I missing something here??


On my pc, if I wish to edit a note, I simply point my cursor at the insertion point, and type away.


On my phone (Galaxy S5) or Tab3 (both running KitKat), if I wish to edit a note I have to tap the green orb (at the bottom). Not so bad, SO FAR.... BUT...


I read through a note, to the bottom. I wish to add further text. I tap the orb (bottom right). I am quickly taken to the TOP of the note, and the ONLY way (as far as I know) to get to the bottom, is to keep on swiping up (can be a lengthy process, if there is a long note!).


Is there not an easier/quicker way to get to the bottom of the note? If there is, I haven't discovered it yet ;-(.  Come on Evernote.. How about a "Jump to bottom" option from the menu..





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If you want to add text or pictures the answer might be to add them in a separate note and just merge the notes later...  If you retitle the first note 001 <title> and add 002 etc,  they'll sort into the correct order when you search for them to merge together.

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I really agree with KevinX. If you want to add a line to a note, it is common that you would like to add it to the bottom. Now, Evernote on androids default behaviour is to place the marker at the top. Even if you already scrolled down before.


Any shortcut to get to the bottom would be very useful.


Gazumped, your work around is of course possible, but I still think an improvement in this functionality would be much more efficient for every day use.

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