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Commentitng on PDFs

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So here's my questions ...


I've added evernote to my work email plaform (outlook) to save emails with attachments straight to Evernote so they're accessible in meetings. The attahments are generally pdfs, sometimees Word docs. I can access them on Evernote but can't seem to add comments - can commetns be added to pdfs whilst they're being viewed on Evernote?



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Traditional PDF "Notes" are not part of the tools in Evefnote's built-in annotation tools. If you want to add text notes and other standard PDF annotations, you are best to double-click the PDF to open it in your default PDF reader (Likely, if you are on Windows, this will be Adobe Reader). The changes are all saved immediately to Evernote. 

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Just be aware that if you add comments etc to the pdfs stored in Evernote whilst using the ipad, it is not easy to make sure the comments save back to evernote.

That is, if you are using a third party application using the "open in..." Menu. If you annotate the pdf within Evernote itself, there should be no problem ensuring your changes are saved.

Patnpm is correct though, if you open a PDF in a thrd part application on your iPad you'll need to use that third party application to "open in..." Evernote again (which makes a copy and attaches it to a new note).

Ideally you would not have to do much annotating using traditional annotations for PDFs stored in evernote on the iPad because it is a bit of a drag.

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That's great. Thanks - I have a play around (and probably lose some important work notes in the meantime but have to rely on good 'ol memory power :-/)


Here's another one for you, probably me being an idiot - how do you set notes to access them offline? Can't find it anywhere!


You two are fast become my Evernote gurus!

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If you are on iOS, you can click on the cog wheel in the top left to the Evernote Home Screen>Premium>Offline Notebooks


Then choose the appropriate setting for your needs. I select "download selected notebooks" since I usually only have one notebook I want offline (My "travel" notebook). I also don't have all that much space so downloading ALL of my Evernote notes for offline storage wouldn't be realistic! 


Keep in mind Offline notebooks is a premium feature, if you are a free user, you won't be able to designate notebooks to be accessible offline on a mobile device. 

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