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(Archived) putting the local database in the cloud, too

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Sorry, I don't know any longer if this is only a dimwitted or already a tricky question:

After reading wide open databases and stumbling over jungledisk and dropbox cloud storage services in the thread I read a lot about the said services and just now wondered: If you can put the local db into a truecrypt container, can the same be done with a service which provides encrypted cloud file storage by providing a folder which behaves like a mounted directory (which is what dropbox and jungledisk do if I got them right).

on a slightly related note: isn't it strange how cloud computing turns our super-duper power machines into blunt ultra-thin clients? Deja vu... it's all so ...70s?

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You can back up your local database files in lots of different online backup services, but this is different from using them as a live source for your data. Your primary database needs to reside on your local hard drive for performance and data integrity.

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