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(Archived) Anyone home? - Support not answering

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I am a premium customer and logged a support request about 2 weeks ago. Resent it again yesterday. No response. Yes, I did make sure I'm using the same email address associated with my account, yes I did check my spam folder.

My support question is:

What happens if I attempt to upload more than 500MB in a month?

I want to use evernote to backup my photos by pointing Evernote to My Photos folder as an auto-import folder

But there are a couple of GB of images in there - what will Evernote do?


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I tracked down your inquiries, and it appears that you sent them to an email address. In the future, I'd recommend opening a direct support inquiry from the bottom of:


This form includes fields for things like your Evernote username, which we can use to provide Premium support. (There's a menu option that launches this page in the Help menu of both desktop clients.)

If you hit your 500MB limit in one month, you can put some excess notes in a Local notebook, which you can move into a Synchronized notebook in the following month. This might help if you have one particularly busy month, but wouldn't really help if you try to add more than 500MB every month.

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