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Make "Simplify Formatting" work without clicking in body



The "Simply Formatting" command is very useful — but why must we physically click within the body of a note for it to work? It would save so much time if we could simply select the note(s) in the note list and apply the command.


Please consider this enhancement.  :-)



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Indeed, and why not support only simplifying formatting for just the selected text too? Likewise, with "Make Plain Text".


Also, Evernote 5.6 has lost the "Edit -> Paste As Plain Text" option. Is this because that is effectively what "Paste and Match Style" does now?

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I can't help with the first query, but [CTRL]-[sHIFT]-V performs a paste as plain text.


[CTRL]-[sHIFT]-V doesn't do anything. Do you mean [CMD]-[sHIFT]-V? If so, that's "Paste and Match Style", which existed in Evernote 5.5.2 as well. "Paste as Plain Text" used to be [ALT]-[CMD]-V, but doesn't exist any more ([ALT]-[CMD]-[sHIFT]-V just does "Paste and Match Style" again, as you can see if you press [ALT] and then select the Edit menu).

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