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Accidental notebook delete on windows evernote client, but not synced


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Hi everybody, I've accidentally deleted an entire notebook in my evernote windows client, but fortunately I haven't synced yet infact in the web version everything is as it should be. 

The deleted notes now are in the trash, BUT if I restore them I lose all the tags.


How can I avoid to sync this deletion and download a backup from the web version for safety reasons?

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While still offline, delete your local database (and maybe uninstall the application) and any other files related to your EN database. Log out of your Evernote account on the Evernote client. Then reconnect which should initiate a download of the content from the server. 

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In addition to what Scott said, if you have any Local Notebooks, be sure to export them to ENEX files (each NB in a separate export/ENEX) BEFORE you uninstall Evernote. You will need to manually import them AFTER the reinstall.


You might also want to do a full backup of your Evernote database.


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