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evernote graphical glitches, notes not showing up





I really don't know what to do anymore.


Reinstalled Evernote, deleted everything to have a clean installation. But the problem still exists.


My notes don't show up in evernote. When I rescale the window, some graphical glitches come up.


I uploaded some Screenshots:




Evernote somethimes crashes when I log off and log in again. 


Thats the error message (uploaded to my dropbox, rtf-file):




Does someone have the same problem? I think its not an evernote problem, more a mac issue...









evernote error.rtf

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Without more information, I can think of only two things:

  1. Uninstall using a utility like AppCleaner that makes sure everything is removed, and then download/install from the Evernote Web site (don't use the Mac App Store version).
    (See How to Completely Uninstall Programs on Mac with AppCleaner)
  2. Submit a BUG report via the EN Support Ticket (link below)

What Mac OS version are you running?

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That could be the reason. Do you know which fonts evernote uses? 


I have a program installed which manages all my fonts... maybe some of these fonts are deactivated.


If you do a Google on "mac fonts" you should get some help.

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Wow Evernote. You really did it this time. I'm having so many issues with the latest update I don't know where to begin. The most noticible issue is that my notes don't appear on the right side of the GUI. If I double click on a note some appear and some don't. I also have sync errors which apparently can't be fixed. Support has not responded to my "tickets" so I guess I'll have to figure out a way to upload my backup to AWS and create my own app (which I will give away for free).


Its a shame because I like Evernote but the recent "upgrades" have made the app unusable for me.


UPDATE: It "appears" Evernote is reporting this issue to be related to an "indexing delay". This may be the case but I noticed that when I deleted the App Store version of Evernote 6, downloaded the app from Evernote's web site and then recovered the App Store version everything worked right away so an "indexing" issue...I don't think so. FYI - The reason why I had to recover the App Store version is because both versions use different locations to store your data. If you switch to the download version you WILL LOSE ALL YOUR LOCAL NOTES!!!!! Having HTML backups is useless (can't be imported AND don't have encrypted text). All I know is that when I restored the App Store version from Time Machine backup everything started working with the exception of the Sync process. That's another issue in another thread.

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