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Need Help Deleting Tons of IFTT notebooks

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 I don't know how it happend but when I used one of the proffered triggers (send starred gmail message to Evernote) each entry became a separate notebook!  I stopped using iftt but not before generating lots of pesky notebooks -- is there any easy-ish way to delete all of these?  going through the dialog to delete them individually takes a lot of time, with the verification step & then the evernote reaction time.  Can't seem to select them all and delete them simultaneously.

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Hi - Only thing I can offer is sticking plaster I'm afraid - move all your new notebooks into a stack so you don't have to look at a huge list of notebooks all the time.  Then,  when you have a spare moment,  delete a few as best you can and sync.  You could also try logging into the web version of Evernote to see whether that's any easier and quicker...

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