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Could evernote replace file sharing services?



Hello, I recently tried cloudapp and droplr and I am wondering if evernote could do the same job. I can already take screenshots or audio registrations but things could be enhanced with drag and drop files to menu bar icon, a screen recording feature and a quick way to get links.

In this way I could have a notebook called "shared files" and manage them inside evernote. 

It is just an idea but it would really help me.

Have a good day!

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There are limits to how many (and how big) files you can get into Evernote.  That isn't likely to change materially.  Evernote may be OK to share small files,   but it seems to me (as always) that services designed for a specific job will always be better than a solution that wasn't designed for a task.

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Hi, thank you for your answer. 

Speaking about file limits, I could say the same for the services I tried. Especially if you do not pay for "premium", "pro" or whatever.

I agree that specific apps may be better for certain tasks but there is also a limit in our wallet. I mean, people already use evernote to replace other services: read-later programs, recipe managers, GTD and so on. I am not sure evernote was designed to be a gtd software yet it is for some users.

If I check all the features evernote has to offer and read your reply, I may think that I will find a better solution for some things evernote can do! Even if it may be true, I will still use evernote because I like to keep things simple and uncluttered.


As I said, we have "evernote mini" in our menu bar. It can quickly create text notes, screenshots and even audio files. It just misses what I wrote in the OP or it would be ready to work as a file sharing utility!


Last note! It makes sense to me that the things I shared during the days are organized in my virtual brain rather than in "just another app". Less shortcuts to remember, less apps on my system, less menu bar clutter (or bartender clutter!), less friction when I need to think what I have to do, where and if I will need to share it.

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