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Dock icon always restores main window even when minimized

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Working with a specific note in its own window and Evernote main window minimized to dock.  When clicking on the dock icon to bring the note back to the front, Evernote main window is also restored, obscuring the note being used.  It then has to be re-minimized.  This is inconsistent with behavior of other applications on Mac when multiple windows are open.

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I don't observe this behaviour when minimizing (using cmd-m or the yellow button). I do observe this when closing the evernote window with cmd-w or the red X. Can you clarify whether you are closing (cmd-w/red) or minimizing (cmd-m/yellow) the window?


It isn't entirely inconsistent with other applications. There is some variance in how applications behave when windows are closed.


For example, when you close your browser window (cmd-w), then open the browser window again, you aren't returned to the exact location you were at before pressing cmd-w (unless you have "restore previous session" or an equivalent setting set up). Likewise with a Finder window. Cmd-w a finder window, and open finder again, you are taken to some default window state, not the previous state of the finder window you just closed. There are others. 


HOWEVER, Calendar and Mail, among others, when closed with cmd-w, will always return you to your previous state... 


But I'm being nit-picky about details (sorry, it's my nature....). Ultimately the request to have Evernote return you to your previous view when opening a new window seems very reasonable. 

But the current state, frustrating though it may be), is not necessarily inconsistent with other applications, and not about minimizing. 

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Thanks for looking at this and asking for clarification!


I can confirm that this happens on my system with minimize/yellow/cmd-m.  The note-specific window appears instantly and a moment later (maybe 1/4 of a second) the main window is also restored, on top.  I also tried closing/red/cmd-w and it also brings back the main window (as you also noted.)


I can get the desired behavior (restore the note that I was working on, leaving the main window minimized) by right-clicking the Evernote dock icon and choosing the note specifically.  But this is extra clicks.


Good point about different apps working differently. My desire would be to bring back the window I was working on.


Other details: this is Evernote 5.6.0 (and also whatever I was running before I updated) on OSX 10.9.5.

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Yes, that works with a few extra clicks (and breaking of muscle-memory!) Hopefully development team reads these threads? Maybe this isn't the way they intend for it to work. Cmd-Tab works the way I would hope as well.

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I would love for this issue to be fixed correctly per the author's original note. The workarounds are not sufficient, IMHO.  Specifically, the workarounds of 1) right clicking the dock icon and selecting the specific note window or 2) command-tab. 

I would prefer a preference such that allows consistent behavior of evernote with other apps.  Specifically, clicking the dock icon will just bring focus to the application, not 'maximize' the main app window that may be hidden



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This is still a very annoying unresolved issue and privacy concern. When attending a meeting, I cannot rely on Evernote for taking notes because of this. There is virtually no way to ensure that the main window with all of my private notes doesn't pop up in front of everyone when switching to the note I'm taking for the meeting (unless I focus on the workaround mentioned above instead of the meeting...).

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This is also a very annoying problem for me. It's constantly exposing my main window when I want to type into the note I already have open.

1. I'm working on upwork which takes screenshots often and I don't want my clients to see notes from other clients

2. It's inconvenient! Why would I want to start a new note or see the index when I already have a note open? No other app works this way.

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This also breaks my workflow. I use keystrokes to toggle my Mac apps in and out of view using the Alfred app's quick launcher ability. With Evernote, everytime I toggle it back on it brings the minimized or closed main window back on top of the note I was working on. If it wasn't for a useable solution I discovered, this issue would have caused me to abandoned Evernote.

The solution for me was to NOT minimize or close of the main window. Instead I cover the main window with the note I'm working on. Since I'm toggling the app, it hides both windows when I toggle it off, and shows both windows when I toggle it on. This way I only see the note I'm working on since it's covering the main window. It's not a good solution and won't work for a normal dock clicking workflow, but it works for my workflow with keystroke toggling so I thought I'd add it here for anyone searching for this solution like I was.

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