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How to tell if KB articles are current?

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To: Evernote Staff

Hi folks. Would you please clarify how to tell when Knowledge Base articles were published and *if* they are still current?

Perhaps I'm just missing it, but I don't recall ever seeing a published or updated date on any of the KB articles. How, especially if your new or the article doesn't include screenshots to compare to what a user has, are we supposed to know if articles are up-to-date?

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There is indeed an Date Updated on the right hand side of the article. 

For example this article:


was updated "2014-5-12"


But if I recall correctly, you do a lot of your browsing on a mobile device? Perhaps on a mobile device those dates are less obvious, especially if the page is formatted differently on mobile devices. 

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Sigh. I just noticed this literally two seconds before clicking your reply! Don't ask how I kept missing that.. Apparently posting the question finally clued my eyeballs to look in the right direction...

*grumbles and mutters under her breath*

Thank you, Scott.

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