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blue rectangle when converting snapshot note to PDF



  1. Take a document snapshot with my iPhone
  2. Sync the note to the desktop
  3. Right-click on the image in the note and select "Convert note to PDF"

Result: PDF note is successfully created, but the PDF has a thick, blue rectangle/border around the perimeter. What's up with that? I dragged the PDF out of Evernote and the blue rectangle remains. Version 5.6.0 (450741) Direct




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This issue persists through Evernote for Mac version 6.0.5 (451190 Direct). Is there an ETA for a fix?


I have been working with Evernote support guru Alvin C. on this one and have sent him a shedload of screenshots and documentation. They are aware of the issue, but did not mention an ETA for the fix. The best work-around I have found is to create a blank line before or after the image in the note, select the blank line (creating a blue, highlighted line), and choose "Convert note to PDF." This creates a resulting PDF without any "blemishes." You can also try right-clicking in the grey area/border around the note and choose "Convert note to PDF."

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