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Clipped Notes Displayed Differently - web-based VS. application



Clipped notes are rendering differently in the web-based Evernote vs. the standalone application. Using Mac platforms exclusively. 


In one attached screenshot, you can see how it renders in the app. It is cut off and incomplete.


In the other attachment, you can see the full note displayed on the web-based Evernote. 



Any thoughts on why this is happening?




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We're just regular users here, mostly.  A few EN employees hang out here also, but you can't be assured of a response from them.

No one has replied probably because, like me, they have no clue as to what's causing your problem.


I suggest you submit an EN Support Ticket (link below).

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I had similar issues with the Windows platform and some clipped pages before changing to Mac. For me it is no surprise that there are differences between the way notes look on different platforms. Evernote seems to use completely different code bases for the clients on the different platforms. They seem to have nothing in common except using data from the same server. This has been widely discussed in this forum.


I personally love the general concept of Evernote,

  • the possibility to store almost everything in notes,
  • the search feature that even finds text in pictures,
  • using tags,
  • the ability to clip web pages and 
  • the accessability on all platforms and everwhere when there is an internet connection.

But I hate the clients:

  • Many differences in the look & feel,
  • different availability of features on the different platforms,
  • almost no customization like color and font settings,
  • lots of bugs,
  • poor clipping results,
  • updates that might brake the app completely,
  • ...

I also hate the information policy of Evernote:

  • Lousy customer support even for premium users,
  • no information about known or fixed bugs (release notes),
  • no information about dropped features,
  • no user manuals or useable help,
  • no road map for future developments,
  • ...

If there was a similar infrastructure with the same concept that I love so much but better useability, support and transparency I would switch immediately even if it cost much more than Evernote Premium. A number of people in my company are using Evernote on an individual basis. We all have similar opinions and experiences and voted against using Evernote Business in the company. It just seems much too risky.

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