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Can I create a new account with my old account e-mail?

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Hi you all!


I have a little problem, I did Evernote account few year ago and I didn't use it still today. Problem is now, I deleted old exciting account and created the new one, I want to use the new account with the same e-mail I had in my old account, but the system doesn't allow me, it says this e-mail is already connected with the Evernote account, though I deleted that account already. How can I change the e-mail in my new account to the e-mail I had in my previous account?

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Hi - you'll need to revive your old account and replace the email address it currently contains with another one.  Once you have released the email address from the first account you can use it for the second.  You should be able to do this via the menu at Evernote.com (start with 'sign in'),  but if you get stuck you'll need to raise a support ticket and get some help from the tech team.

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Question: When you stopped using Evernote with your first account, did you ever contact them to have your account closed and deleted from their servers? (I mean *in addition* to deleting your notes from all your devices hardrives & cache drives, as well as removing the applicable apps.) If not, then being a cloud *service* your account would just be inactive but *not* deleted.

Either way, Gazumped's answer is still the solution. It took me a while to wrap my head around how cloud storage and services worked, so thought I'd jump in to to maybe make it a little clearer for you and anyone who might later read this thread.


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