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How to move evernote helper icon on mac menu bar?



Im using OS mavericks, and the way that I use evernote, I use the clipper and other stuff from the "evernote elephant helper" icon in the menu bar.  The Icon in the menu bar seems to stay fixed to the left of all of the other icons(volume, battery, wifi activity, time, etc)  I can move the other icons by simply holding command and clicking, then slide it to a different position on the menu bar.  I can't do this with the evernote icon.  It would be a huge help if i could move it just an inch or two to the right.  Is there any way to move the icon?


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Hi, I know you are looking for a built in way to do it but I am really enjoying an app called MenuBar Rearranger (http://www.seense.com/mbra/) not only can you move any of the menu bar icons around but you can hide any of the ones you want and also put spaces in between the icons.  As you can see in my screen shot I have 4 small groups of Icons and then a 5th larger group at the end.  There is a free trial at the authors site.


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