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Win8 picture insert


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I'm talking about Window 8 on a touch laptop, not  phone.  The instructions you sent don't seem to match the screen.  Sorry, but this makes no sense. 


Per other forum entries this feature is missing from Win 8 on a PC.  My request is to add it.  If it's already there it is where I don't see it.  I see in other notes you are/were using an older PC.  If that is still true please have a personal look at the Win8 app and see if you can find Insert Picture :-).  If you can please tell me where.


I really like the desktop/touch/web/phone split for Evernote.  It all works great except for two things.

1.  The desktop version does not handle touch well - won't scroll as expected.  It's also pretty poor with pictures, but does have the ability to add them.  If is was more functional with touch the Win8 version would matter less, but I still prefer the simplicity of the Win8 environment for basic note entry and editing.

2.  The Win8 touch version can't add pictures (our original theme).  Odd, because you can add them in all the other clients and then edit documents with them using WIn8.


This is not a showstopper for me - I just add pictures on my phone and then use Win8 from there.  But it is something that OneNote does well on Win8 and I would like to see Evernote with equivalent capability.



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