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Web Clipper stopped working in Chrome -- My Fix

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Web Clipper didn't work in Chrome on my Windows PC when I returned from vacation; clicking the toolbar icon did nothing.  Don't know if this is significant, but I had used Evernote and Chrome (not Web Clipper though) on my Android devices while away.


Experimentation following advice in other threads here got it working again.  I disabled/re-enabled the Web Clipper in Chrome extensions (may or may not be necessary, but it did no harm).  Then I checked the "Allow access to file URLs" checkbox.  Now clicking the toolbar icon produced results.  I was required to sign in (although I had an Evernote tab open in Chrome).  Then I had to refresh the page I was trying to clip.  Clicked the icon again and SWEET SUCCESS!

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Thanks for coming back to me, much appreciated.  Unfortunately there are no hidden buttons on my browser toolbar, so am still stuck.  I know Evernote is installed as I can right click and clip a page to Evernote.  Any further suggestions would be welcome.  

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I had the same problem of Web clipper suddenly quit working (attempting to clip to an EN file,then the clip not showing in the file).  My first clue of a glitch was not all my EN notebooks were showing as an option to send the clip to.  Found out I had two EN accounts.  Don't really know how that happened but one account had all my notes in it, the other had only those notes from when I first opened an account.  The web clipper was saving my clips to this earlier account.  After saving files from the earlier account to the latest one, I deleted the files and then permanently deleted them from the trash folder and then deactivated the earlier account.  After deactivating the earlier account, I now have only one account and all my clips are going to the right place (and showing up in the right place).  

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