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REQUEST: suggestions for evernote

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hello, i want to create a huge database on ancient history. this request is regarding creating a document kind of application which has a fine search facility.

for example, i want to start writing notes on illiad. i ideally would like to open a simple word kind of document and start writing notes. notes may vary in size, 2 lines/10 ines/ couple of pages. i can leave a line space between the notes to differenciate between two notes or i can number them.

now, when i search for a word or words , the notes containing that word should appear (of course in editable/open form). if i search for achilles or war strategy or children of zeus, the notes with the word should be displayed. and only those notes should be displayed and not the entire page on which the note is written. because there could be other unrelated notes on the same page.

so, the unit of inputting and search output is very important. and that could be a note as i have described. many academic researchers and others too are looking for a product like this but not finding one.

after i finish illiad, i may start on mahabharat. i will open a new doc and start writing notes. thus, i may write notes on many more books. therefore the search facility could be multilayered. if i search for 'chariots' on the first level, all the notes containing 'chariots' from all the books could appear. and if search the word within a single book, the notes from that book only could appear.

as evernote has created a good convinient note based app, i am requesting the experts to please create something like what i have described. what we have currently is a little tedious for my kind of job. everytime i have to open a new note/window to write a new note. then i need to think of tags etc. but if all these facilities are incorporated in simple document form, it would be easy to write and search.

forgive me for explaining it in detail and in non technical term as i am no expert in this field. 


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Hi.  If I understand your request correctly,  Evernote is already capable of everything that you require.  The only compromise you would have to make is to use a new note instead of a blank line between different subjects.  You don't need to bother with tags unless your text is missing some important key words.  Then,  if you search 'Zeus',  the results window will list all the notes containing that word as part of the text,  or where it was added as an extra keyword.  You could use tags to signify sources - the book with which the notes are associated forinstance - so that in list view your search for 'Zeus' will show all the books from which your notes flow,  and you could sort the search results in book order if necessary.


If you search for "tag:<book> Zeus" then only the notes from that book will be found.

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yes, i understand. its just that closing and opening notes becomes a bit boring if one has to do it hundreds of times. therefore i am just on the look out for the ideal application as i described. if i dont get any, of course i will have to adjust to whatever the next best possible option is. 


another addition which i did not mention in my first post is to make the application multimedia. where you will be able to write notes and include audio-video clips and photographs too. all in one place! it will really help, not just the research of my kind, but many more other fields too, to have everything in one file/presentation/doc. again, there are many application who let you include all these things but without any search. 


i completely understand the fact that all these apps are not designed for the research database and its requirements. they are produced for a different purpose. therefore there will be shortcomings according to me. but i can see that they work on similar logic, so why not push you people a little more to create something like what i described!

thanks a lot for responding.

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