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Need help with sharing folder

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Hi. Need some help. I created a folder for my English 7 class and have several notes in it. I pasted the URL onto a place called Edline where my students go to check their grades. In edline, I see the folder and it opens, but only one of the notes can be seen. I already checked that all the notes I created were made public. I wanted the students to be able to open this folder and see the daily notes I add in Evernote.

Thanks for any help

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Did you share the notebook as well as the notes?  If you have publicly shared individual notes,  each note will have its own public URL.  If all you gave your students was a link to the notebook,  I'm not sure whether that would automatically link to the notes - apparently it doesn't.  If you make a table of contents note for your shared notes and then share it,  you will have a 'home page' that your students can use to access the other information...

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