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Background uploading


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Hi, I've moved to the new skitch (after how many years and I'm still calling it the "new" skitch?!) because of the retina support, and decided to give Evernote a try with it. Yes, your evil plan is working! :)


I was excited to have all my Skitch notes automatically in Evernote, but if you have auto-upload on, it actually prevents you from using the app in any sort of convenient way. The steps are:


1. Take a screenshot

2. Have a non-dismissible, non-hidable, can't-even-put-another-app-in-front-of-it window appear with a progress bar for 10-20 seconds

3. Get back to work


When it really should just be 


1. Take a screenshot

2. Keep working


If you made auto-upload happen in the background, then we'd all burn through our upload quota faster (and then have to pay subscription fees). I had a paid subscription to Evernote for three months or so (bought a notebook for it), but didn't see any point. But would be happy to pay for auto-backup of all my Skitch notes - as long as it didn't cost me in time too!


Can you please add that to the radar? Maybe because this stands a chance of making money it'll actually get done?

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