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partially Inclusive search (part AND, part OR)


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I have my GTD-system in Evernote; it's based around several tag-groups [question] (!Action? #Context? //Time?) That each have their sub-tags [answer] (IE //time? has //9 to 5, //Week-ends, //18<)


Now this is the way I order everything = input.

What I need is output through the use of saved searches as @Shortcuts.

For example I am at home in the evening during the week, at my desk; so that's !Action? = !Next Action, #context? = #Bureau, //Time? = 18< (after work hours). I would make a shortcut @Admin for this. But there are some things I can do both after workhours (18<) aswell as on Weekends (We). 


Question= For my @Admin shortcut I need:

(notebook: Actionable)


tag: !Next Action









At first tries it didn't seem to work with the 'any:' option.


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There isn't an AND / OR search modifier - you may be able to get your results from an ANY search if you view the results in List format and sort the Tags column,  which will group results;  or you will be able to search within results by clicking the dropdown in the search box after the first iteration.

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