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(Archived) Disappointment in Evernote 3.5 beta

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When Evernote 3.0 (Windows) was released I happily tried it, the promises of Syncing everywhere etc sounded great. But soon I uninstalled it to go back to Evernote 2.2.

It was missing many of the features I used most in 2.2 and looking at the threads in the forums I wasn't the only one. It seemed these requests for certain functionality wouldn't be fullfilled with 3.0.

With 3.1 it wasn't much different.

Now I tried the 3.5 beta, because it promised (again) better functionality. But still it's lacking.

It made me go back to 2.2 :o

Why is table support still so ...sloppy. Why not able to add, remove rows, columns.

The to-do and expenses lists in 2.2 were great. But these are ...virtually not supported in 3.x. No date picker...why? Why no auto-numbering. These things seem so basic but not in 3.x

Password protection of Evernote itself (local DB)...lacking....although 2.2 had a very basic password protection but it at least had some.

Why oh why

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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