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Table missing basic functionality

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Hi, I'm new to Evernote, like the product, have a few issues with the capability of Tables in Notes.
The doesn't seem to be a way to move rows (cut and insert), which is fairly common functionality.
Also, there doesn't seem to be a way to fix headers and/or columns.
One short term alternative might be the ability to convert the page to a formatting option which supports editing tables, such as markdown.
Then, one could convert to markdown, manually cut and past rows, and convert back to the wysiwyg version.


Note: even the WYSIWYG editor I'm currently typing in has the ability convert between code and wysiwyg.

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Hi - I'm sure they must be selling t-shirts somewhere with Evernote Editor comments;  it's universally recognised as being beyond basic,  although believe it or not there have been improvements to bullets and listings.


Evernote have said they're 'working on it',  although exactly what and when it will see the light of day are kind've in the clouds. (There's pun in there too somewhere...)  


I think they do realise it could be better,  though there are problems deciding what extra facilities to add - there's better tables,  and more formatting,  and spell checking,  and paginating...  just imagine an Evernote note with a Word toolbar across the top as well as the usual icons,  and you'll see where all this is heading!

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Which OS are you using?  If you are a Mac user check out the latest beta.  They have rolled out a new editor in the beta that from what I've read (Windows user here so can't confirm) has improvements to the tables.  Hopefully we will also see the new editor appearing in a Windows beta soon.

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@gazumped - I was unable to parse your comments, no idea what you're trying to communicate. Thanks for trying though.


@s2sailor - I'm on OSX. I'll think about the beta, thanks for the suggestion.

I'm concerned about QA at Evernote - the released product seems like a beta to me, so their 'beta' may actually be an 'alpha'. 


Another table issue:

I tried to copy and paste a table - that was a complete disaster in the sense that:

a) the pasted information was entirely lacking in any table formatting, it was just plain text.

the Undo command doesn't restore the table

So, the result is a loss of data. Really, in 2014?


Another non-table issue:

The syncing mechanism for shared documents is completely useless.

Again: really in 2014? Google Docs has had this functionality for several years.


I'm surprised that Evernote is the industry leader without basic functionality.

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@s2sailor  - I upgraded to the 5.6 beta 10, and the new table functionality is MUCH improved

- starting to look like a real product now, wrt this feature



- table columns can be resized (another bizarre lack of functionality in prior versions)

- tables can now be copied and pasted, provided that you include a line above and below the table 

(just selecting the actual table, by highlighting its contents, has non-deterministic behavior, and appears to depend on whatever else is in the same note, above and below the table)


Thanks for that suggestion.


Now they just need the ability to rearrange the table rows, and they'll have a the functionality expected of a 2014 table.

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5 hours ago, pga_uk said:

however still lacking the ability to instert a row in the middle of a table (unless i'm missing something here...)

Using version 6.1.2 I see the following options when I right mouse button in a cell


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Thanks, s2sailor. I was just looking for that myself last night, and was glad when I found that hitting Tab in the last cell of a table would insert a new row. Kind of giving myself a dope-slap for not thinking of a right-click.:blush:

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