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iPad - how to turn off auto sync?

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Hi, is there any way to turn off auto sync? Syncing after every small change annoys me ;/ I was also wondering if there is any tool to draw inside notes, just under a text? Penultimate app is great but whats the I cant add penultimate note straight into note.


thanks for help :)

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There is no way to turn off auto sync. This rapid syncing prevents complications such as lost note content and note conflicts. 

Why do you find it annoying? My experience is that this instant syncing is pretty much totally transparent. I don't even notice it. Is this not the case for you?


There is not currently any way to draw inline within a note. Penultimate is currently your only option for hand written stuff. We can really only speculate as to whether we'll see on iOS something like what Android users have. 

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I think this is dangerous, but you can set EN iOS to sync ONLY if you have a wi-fi connection.  So, you could turn your phone's wi-fi service OFF while you work in Evernote.  Without wi-fi, EN will not try to sync.


But I'm with Scott.  I don't see why the syncing is bothering you.  Is it slowing you down, or preventing you from working in EN?

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