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E.W.C Has Become Very Temperamental


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I am running Chrome on a Windows 7 Toshiba Satellite Pro Laptop.For over 6 months I have use the free edition of E.W.C from Chrome Web Store.

Recently E.W.C has become very temperamental and not as instructed.

When I click the logo from my toolbar E.W.C frequently flicks on then flicks off just as quick.

Often when sending images to friends of an eBay page via the E.W.C facebook link,only half the screenshot arrives,either in my preview or at other end.

Now images taken with screenshot are completely jumbled up..

Error reports have been generated,although I have no idea what they mean and there is no instruction what I should do with them..Would Evernote like them?..

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If you can put the error logs in a note and share the URL to me as a Private message that will help us find out what's going on.


To me it sounds like some it's specific problems to your machine. A few follow ups:

- What Chrome version.

- What Web Clipper version.

- If you can share a sample of the jumbled screenshot that would be great. 

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