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REQUEST - Update clipped web page


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I clip a lot of knowledge base articles from a vendor into Evernote. That makes it much easier to look up info I need, instead of having to navigate through their support forum. The other day, I had reason to re-visit the original KB article and noticed it had some updates to it. In order to refresh it in Evernote, I had to delete my clipped note, and then re-clip the page.


Since the URL is associated with the note in Evernote, it would be nice if there was some way to tell it to "re-clip" the page, and refresh what I have stored in Evernote. Of course, as I think through it, I can see some difficulties. I know that the clipping functionality is browser-specific based on the web clipper implementation, and I don't know what sort of automation that clipper supports.


Perhaps a better request is for web clipper/evernote to be able to recognize that you're clipping a page that's already been clipped, and to update the note instead of clipping a new copy of it.

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Agreed it would be good if Evernote could at least warn you of changes,  but there used to be software out there that would do that.  I don't think it was free.


Also this is difficult to do, I think, where people clip articles or selections or screen shots rather than the whole page,  and/ or add annotations in different software.  And what if the only change is a CSS design choice or a typo correction?  At what level should the change be deemed significant enough to require replacement of the note?  And does that change contribute toward your upload limit?  If so,  and if you have a lot of clips,  you could find the limit goes every month just keeping up with changes...


The URL means you can visit the original to check for changes,  after that it has to be down to the user to decide whether or not to edit the note.

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Those are all excellent points, and I knew there were huge technical hurdles when I thought of the issue.


Like most ideas, this was born of a moment of frustration when I wanted to do something that is conceptually simple (update a clipped page), but is technically quite challenging. I can think of a few ways to approach this is a very simplistic manner, but the exceptions and edge cases rapidly outpace the basice use case.


Ah well, I shall just re-clip and delete the original note. After all, it's only 2 or 3 extra clicks.

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