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Save a new, unsaved Word doc to Evernote?

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I am hoping (and assuming) that Evernote has the same function as Google Drive. I want to be able to save a new Word document (or any other for that matter) to a folder which, in one step, makes the document show up in Evernote. With Drive, I can click "save" on my Word doc and have all of my files show up which includes a "Google Drive" file that I can just click on and have my document save right there.

I cannot figure out how to make this happen without saving my word doc to a windows file then having to upload it to Evernote. Can Evernote do this one-step document save and how?

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There is no way to, with a single click, save a yet unsaved word document directly to Evernote. In general it must be saved to a local folder first, then attached to an Evernote note. While Evernote is a cloud service, it is not a raw cloud storage service... not a "filesystem in the sky" like Dropbox or Drive. 

The closest thing you might get is to use an Import Folder on your Windows machine. Presumably you'd be able to save your word document to that directory after which it would automatically be imported into Evernote. 

More on Import Folders:


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