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business cards scanned linkedin issue

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I scanned a lot of business cards.  As they are getting scanned I get the option to either connect via linkedin or scan another. I kept hitting scan another thinking there would be someway later on to connect each card to linkedin.  Now that they are all scanned, I dont see a connect button.


Does that feature exist?  I was offered the chance to connect each one as I scanned it, but it must exist after it was scanned.



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It should automatically pull the data from linked in. The "connect on linkedIn" option provides you with the opportunity to invite that person to your linked in network right off the bat. 

If you skipped this, you'll just have to click on the link to their LInkedIn profile and manually request a connection with them on the linkedIn site.


More detailed info about business card scanning can be found here:


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I'm having a similar problem.


Several of the business cards that I've scanned in are not automatically pulling in data from linkedin, even though these folks have a linkedin profiles and I'm already connected to them.


Is there a way to "force" evernote to search/connect a scanned card with a linkedin profile?



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