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Sharing from Genius Scan+ to Evernote is broken

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I use the Genious Scan+ (Android) sharing option to send the scans to my Evernote. However, this not work anymore. I think this is since the last update of Evernote.


First of all, I used to be able to edit the note (title, etc) before sending the image to Evernote. This is now impossible.


And more important, in my Evernote I don't receive the actual scan. All I get is a note with the following generic image:




And I just noticed something strange.

When I share a second scan, the first note is modified to now include a screenshot of the Google Play Genius Scan+ webpage...!?




(notice that the note displayed in both screenshots is the same. Created at 13:19h)

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This may not be a problem on Evernote's end. 

I suggest contacting the developer of Genius Scan at:



Some troubleshooting you might consider - Try re=installing genius scan. Try revoking Genius Scan's permission to access Evernote, and granting permission again. 


Perhaps the support folks at Grizzly Labs who make Genius Scan have some suggestions. 

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Another thought, as I understand it, Genius Scan has a Light/Free/Trial version, and + which is their paid version. 


Is it possible that you have been using the trial/free version and now you've exceeded the limits of that version so it is now not functioning as you'd expect? 

If you paid for Genius Scan, make sure you have the PAID version downloaded, or if you used an in-app purchase try and Restore the purchase. 

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