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Unable to access web clipper


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When I try to move a selected portion of a window into Evernote in Safari I get the following error message: You must sign in using the Clip To Evernote toolbar button before you can make clips.


I can't find any way to 'sign in' using the toolbar button in Safari. I have 'installed' the toolbar button, but that hasn't changed anything.


Clipper works just fine in Chrome.





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This may help. You have to click on the toolbar button to see the login form. If you don't see it check your adblock settings or popupblocker settings and allow exceptions for Evernote. 



Hi! Same problem here (OS X.9.4, EN 5.5.2, Safari 7.0.6, Web Clipper 6.2.4). I de-/re-activated and un-/re-installed the clipper (with restarting Safari in between, respectively). Using the link provided by jbignert, I COULD access the web clipper on this special page (logged out & in again), but the clipper won't do anything (doesn't even appear) on any other webpage I tried so far. Please help, thanks!

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