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android Android V.6 - where is the Note Link feature hiding? Help pls!

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I haven't tried to create a new Note Link on my Android phone since the newest updates came out (Version 6), until today, I mean. I cannot for the life of me figure out where they've hidden it this time!

I pressed every option I could find, but no Note Link feature. All my previous links still exist.

I tried searching the forum, Google and the KB. I realize it's quite possible that no sleep for the last 40 hours is probably why I can't find the feature inside to app, or anything about it for the latest version. I'm so flustered at the can't even locate the video GBarry posted when annoucing the public release! I checked the Getting Started Guide for Android as posted in the KB, but it still hasn't been uodated to the new version and the features are not laid out the same way now.

Can someone please help me? Before I yank fistfuls of hair out in frustration...

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You're gonna hate me,  but long-press the note title and you'll get a pop-up including 'copy note link'.  Can't spare you any hair I'm afraid,  there's a bit of a shortage around here..

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Sigh. Don't hate you, but I did swear a bit. I hate insomnia. Sucks the brain cells right out of the head, it does!

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