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How many times a day Evernote Premium "tracks changes"?

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I tried to find some information on this but I could not find an answer:


Regarding the "track changes" feature of Evernote Premium: When I work on a text document - how many times a day will Evernote produce a version (snapshot) of that document? I am asking because I want to use that feature as a backup solution for writing in times when my computer gets hung up or whenever I need to go back to the history of my document no matter wether it is one minute ago, one hour, one day or one week. Evernote just tells me that it produces several times a day just a snapshot? And will that be a pdf or a workable text document? 


Thanks for answers.



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Hi & thank you! 

I have been using Evernote for quite a while and I really like it.

I was hoping that I can use it also as an ongoing backup solution for what I am writing (aka something similar like a key-logger). But every 8 hours is just not that what I was looking for. 

No matter, Dropbox (with a connected writing app) does a pretty good job in backing up whatever you are working on. 

Hopefully Evernote will implement a kind of "auto-save", or versions feature like this within the near future.

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