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REQUEST: Feature Request - Update window title with tag/notebook/query



It would really be handy if Evernote would update its Window Title with the current notebook, tag, or query. I often have multiple windows open with different notebooks. When switching between windows there is no way to tell which one is which.


Note, this related request for the same thing in the web application - https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/32333-feature-request-window-title/

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Sorry, I am talking about the title in the home screen. Most of my usage is there since I am usually working across multiple related notes. As I change notebooks, tags, queries I would like it to change its title.


For example, the title for this screenshot would say "Evernote - Inbox" (rather than just "Evernote").



And for this one it would say "Evernote - tag:action".




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